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The following are the gambling news roundups from across the globe. While some of the news are welcome, as far as the gambling industry is concerned, others may be considered a step backward.

Japan’s Gambling Addiction Act

The government of Japan failed to pass the Gambling Addiction Act that was set to be passed in the course of this month. The failure to pass the Act into law is as a result of a stalemate between the leading party Liberal Democratic Party and the leading opposition the Democratic Party. The opposition felt that the draft by the opposition does not cover all the key areas as far as Gambling is concerned. The stand made by the opposition is that the measures taken should be stricter than is stipulated in the draft.

Noriko Tanaka, The President of the Society concerned with Gambling Addiction, reported that the opposition felt that the draft should have included clauses that demanded that the gaming industry takes responsibility for being the one backing the problem of gambling addiction financially. Also included in the draft should be the establishment of a meeting by all stakeholders as well as having an authority that unifies them registered with the ministry.

Japan is considered to have a population of about one or two million people who suffer from gambling addiction. This estimate is made by Professor James Whelan of the University of Memphis who puts the number of people suffering from gambling addiction at one or two percent of the entire population of a country.

Suncity Group Fallout with the Philippines Gambling Regulator

Suncity Group, a Junket operator in the Philippines, has gotten into a fallout with Philippines gambling regulator. The fallout is alleged to be as a result of Suncity Group setting up a Casumo Casino Review in Pasay, a city in the country, without a go-ahead by the regulatory body. Suncity is accused of conducting the Opening Ceremony of Blessing and Soft regardless of the fact that they are not mandated to carry out such activity.

A junket license was given to a different body and it was scheduled for renewal in three years. The company, Success Vine Holdings Incorporated, was, however, not allowed to give the mandate to a different company, the Suncity Group. I was ironic that the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation attended the launch under official capacity unaware of the situation at hand and this elicited a reaction from the regulator’s Chief Executive Officer, Andrea Domingo. Success Vine Holdings Incorporated responded to the CEO’s letter by closing down its operation in the Sofitel Philippine Plaza in Manila.

Success of the Gaming Industry in India

The Indian gaming industry is expected to grow to a $1 billion industry by 2021 up from the current value of $360 million. This is very positive a number seeing that India is a budding market as far as gaming is concerned. This report was presented by Google in partnership with KPMG. The number of online gamers is projected to grow to 310 million by the same year.

The report titled, “Online Gambling in India”, further reports that the searches for online gaming sites in the country have grown by 117%. This conclusion was arrived at after a research was done by IMRB, a global market research firm. The research that covered about 3000 respondents and covered 16 areas across India. The research was both qualitative and quantitative.

  • The sampling was done on people aged between 16 and 45 years.
  • The correspondents were people that accessed the internet and that owned PCs, laptops, tablets and/or smartphones.
  • The end report showed an overview of the gaming community in India while highlighting the status of the people of India as far as their preferences for games and their ability to spend was concerned.

Gambling Expansion Bill- Florida

Disney Worldwide Services, Inc. gave a boost to the political committee that is at the forefront in preparing a constitutional amendment which is expected to make the expansion of gambling in Florida harder. The boost of about $250,000 is meant to help push the agenda by the political committee to have the amendment included on the ballot in November 2018. This information was made privy to the public through the website of the state Division Elections

The constitution amendment presented proposes that the voter is given exclusive rights to decide on whether they would allow for a gambling casino to be set up in an area or not. For any gambling business to be set up, the residents of the area would have to agree without any interference from any institution that would benefit or lose from the decision reached by the masses.

The supreme court approved the proposal made by the voters without changing anything. If the bill became law, then the setting up of casinos would be decided upon solely by the people. In order for this to pass, there will be a submission on hundreds of thousands of signed petitions done by the people.

In total, $287,657 was raised with $30,000 coming from the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association.Some of the money was put into lobbying the people to sign the petition and help it become law.